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Mermaid model / underwater model
You are looking for an unusual model for a photo shoot?
What could be more extraordinary than a mermaid!
For studio, underwater pictures (in pool, aquarium or in the open sea), Mermaid Claire will meet every of your expectations. Moreover, Claire is an experienced model, for fashion shows and magazines. Don't hesitate to consult her mermaid's pictures and her online book


Movie shootings

​Mermaid Claire is available for all your movies, short films and commercials. During an underwater shooting, it's hard to control your respiration, open your eyes and move in the same time. But the Claire the French Mermaid has a diving licence and is well trained to hold her breath and swim with her tail.

She has improved her acting skills with drama classes and an actor training with camera. She has also been filmed in videoclips, short movies, commercials tv/web and reportages...


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